photo courtesy of Carol Stauffer Pritchett

Morton One Room School Reunion -
August 24, 2002

The 2002 annual reunion of students from the Morton, Will, and Gamble,
One Room Schools was held at the newly restored Morton Schoolhouse.
The schoolhouse was inspected inside and out by former students,
classmates, and spouses. School pictures, class room artifacts, and
memorabilia were displayed and initiated much discussion.
photo courtesy of Carol Stauffer Pritchett

After a delicious carry in meal, the former students related their one
room school experiences and how well these schools prepared them
for their life's adventures.
The Morton, Will, & Gamble reunions have been held each summer of
the past years and last year (2005), all Shelby - area one room school
students were invited to attend the event. Plans are being made
for this year's reunion which will be held in August, 2006.
Morton School Pavilion

In addition to the Morton, Will, and Gamble reunions, many other
groups have used the school house, the new pavilion, and the school
grounds to hold their reunions. Country surroundings and the school
museum make this a location unique.

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